American Health Foods & Ingredients: Main Products  

Hundred Herbs Toothpaste

Made in USA, our America Hundred Herbs toothpaste is safe and effective. It is designed to care for the teeth and gums. The natural herbs - Tianchi, ginseng, nopal, and aloe vera gel - contain various amino acids, vitamins, and herbal essences that will enhance your oral health.

Aloha Energy Drink
Our answer to high-priced canned energy drinks. Same ingredients as Red Bull, but tastes fresher.

Naturally Flavored Syrup
Vanilla, caramel, and other flavors.

Beverage and Syrup

  1. Shaved ice (PDF)
  2. Flavored syrup and flavored water
  3. Alcoholic drink
  4. Premixed concentrate for Freez & Chill machine (1+5, 1+7)

Flavors and Ingredients

  1. Food and beverage flavors
  2. Tobacco flavors
  3. Cosmetic flavors
  4. Colors and sweeteners
  5. Vitamin and other additives

Energy Drinks

  1. Aloha energy drink

Cosmetic / Health Products

  1. Herbal toothpaste
  2. Nopal, aloe, ginseng, and other herbal products
  3. Aromatherapy / massage oils and various essential oils
  4. Specialized products
  5. Aromatherapy oils

Herbal Essence Refreshing Mist

Health Foods

  1. Nopal, aloe, ginseng, and other herbal products
  2. Special drinks and new products including:
    • Coffee, cocoa, chocolate
    • Drink powder and syrup
    • Iced tea, Cappuccino, Mocha
    • Chai tea, energy gel, etc.